Awesome Brand

I’m guessing you’ve found this page because you are passionate about helping people and want to build an awesome brand that will attract your ideal clients online.  

If you avoid making the 5 Most Common Branding Mistakes Coaches, Healers, and Experts make, you’ll be one step closer to having an irresistible brand.

High-Value Offer

There will always be people willing to pay you what you’re worth for the amazing work you do. The key is to package your offers in into a High-Value Signature System. 

If you’d like to learn how to package your services into a High-Value Signature Offer, schedule a Free Brand Analysis with one of our Expert Coaches. 

6 to 7 Fig Growth Strategy

Once you have a great brand and high value offer, you’re ready to scale and grow your business. If you want to build funnels, run ads, or just learn how to attract clients, we’ve got you covered. 

Download our 3 Freebie Templates (that actually work) for Coaches & Healers
and learn to attract your ideal clients online. 

What our clients are saying:

“I have have booked $68,000 worth of clients for my programs!”

In the first 6 weeks of working with Pamela, I have booked $68,000 worth of clients for my programs!”
I’m so happy I joined Pamela’s program!

John English

“We absolutely loved working with Pamela and her team!”

“We have absolutely loved working with Pamela Bruner and her team! They’ve been completely with us every step of the way. As a result, we’ve seen really impressive conversions on our most recent launch and in our evergreen funnel.

Their knowledge about the industry and what’s working is really impressive. Huge endorsement for anyone who’s considering working with Pamela.”

Sage Lavine

“I’m happily booking multiple clients in at $5,000/client, and I’m about to raise my rates!”

When I first met Pamela, I was just starting to do video coaching, and I was charging $100/hour, and now I’m happily booking multiple clients in at $5,000/client, and I’m about to raise my rates. The Signature System helped me know that what I do is worth even more than I’m charging and I have clients come away absolutely delighted with the work we’re doing.

Brad Powell

Our community has done some big things in the world….
The best is yet to come.


Happy Customers


“I’ve gone from $100/hour to $10,000 clients! “

“Thank you! Because of you, my husband and I have restructured our business model from an hourly rate of $100 to six-month packages that start at $10,000! We now have a six-figure business. I am deeply grateful for all you have taught me in your program. And we have experience that shows that it works!”

Susan Phariss

“Comprehensive and beneficial coaching and training!”

“I have been in numerous coaching programs and training programs in my many years of sales and business. Never have I been in one that is as comprehensive and beneficial as this one. When I joined I was still doubting whether Pamela could understand the target audience I was going after since she has not had experience in that area. Truthfully, Pamela has amazed me, she is “spot on” when it comes to advice, ideas and comments all of which have lead me down a prosperous path. I believe I would not be this far along with my business if it was not for Pamela and the whole community.”

Don Grothoff

“I booked 6 new clients in just 4 weeks!” 

“As a heart-centered entrepreneur I want to serve my clients at a high level and serve more of them. However, before I started joined Pamela’s program, I was stopped by so many limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts that Pamela has now helped me re-frame.

One of the re-frames that had the biggest impact for me was to create packages for my clients and move away from doing ‘single sessions.’ This one action of ONLY selling packages has benefited my clients so much more.

The transformation doesn’t occur in just an hour. Because I don’t have to spend as much time selling as I did before, this allows me to create more content and connect with more people. After the first retreat that I attended, I was so fired up that I booked 6 new clients in just 4 weeks!

Thanks so much, Pamela.”

Helen McConnell