2 Magic Ingredients for Succeeding Online

I hear from so many transformational entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and consultants who are struggling to grow their businesses and attract clients online. They have been using tips they picked up from well-meaning social media and online marketing experts.

The problem?

Those experts don’t get the transformational industry AT ALL.

What the experts suggest is using a “marketing format” without the ingredients being right.

So they’d say, “Create a freebie using my approved freebie format.” But they didn’t include the transformation in the right way.

That’s kind of like saying, “Make your breakfast cereal, but use soda instead of your milk.” Yuck!

Here are the 2 ingredients you need to consistently attract clients online and sell deep transformation to cold traffic (aka., the leads you get online on social media platforms like Facebook):


Your FOCUS shows up in your lead magnet or freebie. It’s usually the first introduction people have to you, so you want to make it special!

If the promise of your freebie is too big or too broad, people simply aren’t going to believe you.

DON’T SAY THIS: “These 3 things will completely change your life.”

Really? Your audience can get that in an eBook? Nope, that’s not believable… or it feels overwhelming. This is the “approved freebie format” for a lot of marketers, but it doesn’t work to attract clients for transformation.

DO SAY THIS: “Discover the 3 secrets that will help you book more clients this week!”

This is focused on one specific problem your ideal client is actively trying to solve and delivers a clear result. It’s what I call “a small slice” of transformation. Perfect!

Here’s a handy formula to keep in mind:

Instant Gratification + Immediate Result = Focused Freebie (and people who will be happy to share their email address to get it!)


You know without a doubt that your work provides huge value and deep transformation. But to be successful at attracting clients online, your whole brand needs to be focused on one particular result. Everything you do should point to a clear result in a specific area that you provide.

For example, my Attract Clients Online brand is focused on helping transformational entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and healers attract their ideal clients online and to grow their business.

A funny side note: During a major marketing conference pre-COVID, people would approach our booth and I would ask them what they did. The most common answer from the visitors was, “I run a digital marketing agency.”

“Great,” I said! “What’s your specialty? What’s your focus?”

The answer that was hilarious to me (and it was from about 85% of the people):
“Oh, we do everything.”

REALLY? You call yourself a marketer? (I didn’t say that aloud.) 🙂

It’s very important that you define your focus. To start, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do clients seek out your services? What problem do they want to solve?
  • What successes have you had with clients?
  • What is your “zone of genius?” In other words, in what area are you a ninja, whose skills make other people look at you with amazement?

C’mon, take it a step further! For example, if you’re a relationship coach, what kind of relationships do you work with most successfully? If you’re a healer, what particular health issue do you specialize in helping to resolve?

Now, after making your notes, look for the one result that is glaring back at you.

Make sure that ONE RESULT is front and center in everything you do!

Say it with me, “Focus and Results, Focus and Results?” Your 2 magic ingredients for succeeding online – and they make all the difference!

To talk about this in more detail with an expert, you can schedule a FREE Call with one of the coaches on my team here!