3-Step Antidote

to Business Fear


3-Step Antidote

to Business Fear

No matter how well you did last week, or last month, you can still have an attack of ‘the fears’.


No matter how well you did last week, or last month, you can still have an attack of ‘the fears’.

You know the ones? where that little voice whispers things like

?It?s all going to come crashing down?

?No client is EVER going to say yes, EVER?

?You?ll never be able to grow the business?

?People will hate you for being too?.?

(have you got these voices, too?)

I?d be lying if I said I never feel fear anymore, running my business.

The truth is, fear is normal. We?re hard-wired for it as humans. But it?s a pain and a distraction when you?re trying to build a business, and you have to struggle through the fear too.

So here?s my 3-step antidote for business fear. It?s super-effective for getting me back on the path to growth and serving clients. I think it will help you, too!

Step 1: Recognize the extent to which fear is about uncertainty

You aren?t usually afraid when bad things are happening. You?re afraid that something bad WILL happen. Fear is a fear of the future.

The less you know about what might happen, the higher the level of fear (especially if there are SO many ways in which it might not work out.) Will you speak to enough potential clients? Will they say yes or no? What if people don?t understand what you do?

When you lack certainty, and some possible outcomes are negative, you?re struggling not with actually dealing with those negative outcomes (which usually isn?t as hard!) you?re struggling with fearing them. And the way the mind works – your ?total fear? number is all of the potential negative outcomes combined, not any specific one.

Just realizing this can bring some relief.

Step 2: Determine what you CAN control, and what you can’t

You can?t control whether a potential client says yes. (You don?t really want mind-control, it just sounds attractive when you?re scared 🙂

So what can you control?

You CAN control how many people you talk to.

You CAN control how much you study and practice sales, so that the chance of a client saying yes is higher.

You CAN control reaching out to referral partners and asking them to send ideal clients your way.

You CAN control talking to a coach for new ideas in bringing in clients.

(And there are more!)

Start a list of the things that you CAN control.


Step 3: Take Action ASAP on what you can control

The action is actually the antidote to your business fear.

It has the awesome side-effect that it not only helps with the fear, it also helps with your business results.

Just starting the list of things that you CAN control will feel good.

Now let?s take it a step further.

Schedule the activities that you put on the list.

Start reaching out to people today.

As soon as you have a list and start taking action, the fear diminishes.

Fear is normal. How you respond to it will determine whether your business results will be normal, or extraordinary!

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