Does Your Current Marketing Feel Fake?

3 Tips To Fix It

Does Your Current Marketing Feel Fake? 3 Tips To Fix It

Does it feel like showing up online means being fake or hype-y?

That’s what it used to feel like to me.

After all, everyone is sharing their raging successes. So how do you show up to compete when you have a quieter brand?

I love this question because I’ve made it my mission to build my brand on authenticity, not hype.

Here are three ways to get rid of that ‘fake’ feeling and be more authentic online. These also work to help you get more clients!

 1. Enthusiasm isn’t hype-y.

When you show up online, you want to show up as your best self. That means showing up as you on a day when you’re excited, passionate, and articulate about what you’re sharing. If you aren’t usually that excited and sincere in your expressions, it can feel fake.

On any given day, you may not feel THAT enthusiastic. So it may seem fake to pretend to be. I don’t suggest you act like something you’re not. Instead, get enthusiastic. 

Here are the ways I do it:

  1. Listen to music that inspires me – it only takes 3-4 minutes.
  2. Read my ‘compliments’ file – emails from clients who had a win.
  3. Watch an inspiring video.

After one of these three, I’m feeling confident, inspired, and ready to be my most enthusiastic self.

 2. Vulnerability is awesome IF…

Being vulnerable is one of the best ways to connect yourself to your audience. Showing up enthusiastic and passionate doesn’t mean that you never share your challenges and vulnerabilities.

Here’s the key: Share a vulnerability after you’ve overcome that challenge. Sharing a struggle when you’re in the midst of it, you usually will share from a less-resourceful place, and you may not come off the way that you want to. 

  • If something stopped you, share about that – as long as you’ve started moving. 
  • If something made you act ‘not like your best self,’ share that – as long as you’re sharing what you learned and how you made it right.
  • If you had to take action in the midst of fear, anger, or doubt, share that – you took action!

Please note: If you’re growing, you’re always in the midst of one struggle or another. Just don’t share about that one; share about the last one that you’ve already overcome. 🙂

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3. Go bold!

When I started my business, I thought every post and every video had to be something that no one could object to. I was concerned that everyone should like me.

The truth is, if everyone kinda’ likes you, no one will love you. You’ll be just ‘OK,’ but not have raving fans. 

So what are you for, and what are you against? Draw a line in the sand and stand proudly on your side of it. Your fans will join you. 

Years ago, one of my coaches made a somewhat derogatory comment about energy healing at a conference that I was attending, where I was also speaking on-stage. Later, I questioned her (somewhat angrily) about it. 

I’ve never forgotten her response:

“I drew a line in the sand, and everyone in that room who likes energy healing in any form gravitated to you instead, Pamela.” 

She was actually being authentic AND serving me as a client. Masterful!

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