3 Tips to Attract Your Ideal Clients Online


If you’re trying to find new clients right now, you’re probably looking for them online.

But what’s the best way to find them?

  • Direct message…
  • Facebook groups…
  • Youtube videos…
  • Paid traffic…

The answer is, it depends. (Don’t you hate that?)

No worries, I’ll tell you what it depends on. 🙂

Tip #1. Less is More.

When you’re starting with a new business, or a new message, you need to test your business message.

That means that you need to:

  • See whether your marketing language is clear
  • Test an elevator speech and website copy
  • Get direct feedback from people in-the-moment

The best way to do all this?

  • Direct reach-out.
  • Send emails to people you know.
  • Send DMs (direct messages) on social platforms.
  • Pick up the phone.

Are these scary? Yup! But the direct reach out gives you more feedback quickly, and far less expensively, than other options.

Tip #2. Leveraging Online.

Once you have a few clients you’ve served, it’s time to grow your audience.

Best ways to do this?

  • Start (or grow) an email list.
  • Create and grow a Facebook Group. (Hot tip: once you manually get 200+ people in your group, Facebook will start suggesting your group to people you don’t know. How cool is that?)
  • Speak on virtual stages, like other people’s podcasts.

These endeavors can be very profitable in bringing clients to you, but they take more time to develop. Think of this as the ‘gardening’ part of marketing. You have to plant the seeds and water before you see results.

Tip #3. Automating Online

After you’ve passed the six-figure mark, you can start using the power of automation to continue to grow your list.

Best ways to do this?

  • Create automated systems (like funnels) to attract people to you.
  • Combine a mix of paid traffic, like Facebook ads, with speaking and other referral systems.
  • Segment your list so you can use different messages for different groups.

Hot tip: Don’t try this step if you haven’t done Tip 1, and tested your message yet. You’ll be testing the expensive way.

Although there are 3 Tips here, you should be focused on whichever one of these is right for you, and your business right now.

Not sure which one that is? We’re happy to help you make a bold move in the right direction. Check out the details here!