3 Top Ways to Get High-Paying Clients Now

(yes, during the pandemic)

So let’s just start by acknowledging: the ‘new normal’ is anything but normal.

People are finding new ways to socialize, spend private time, and yes… new ways to market and serve clients.

It’s not ‘normal’ yet for me, though! How about you?

Almost every day I have a client or a reader ask me – “can I still get high-paying clients right now?”

The answer is yes, and there are 3 ways that still work well NOW.

Here are the keys to getting people to say ‘yes’ to high-ticket services.

People are questioning everything in their lives. There’s not been a better time to encourage them to take a big transformational step. They’re also nervous, so feeling reassured by your offer is essential.

Here are the 3 best ways to get high-paying clients now:

1. Your former clients

Because people are nervous and anxious right now about health and the state of the world, they’re more comfortable with the familiar. If you have former clients who enjoyed working with you, having them do more work with you is one of the easiest sales conversations you can have.

Here’s how: Inquire via email (or phone, if that’s more appropriate) how they’re doing, and what’s going on for them. Start the conversation with the approach and intention of connecting, not selling. It may be the case that you just have a pleasant conversation, or they may open the door for you to suggest additional work.

2. Your referral partners or networks

Everyone is looking for more ways to connect. Your referral partners, or your social or business network, should be growing virtually. Asking for introductions to potential clients, or even potential referral partners, is now the norm. It’s no longer ‘going out on a limb’ – everyone wants to meet more people virtually!

Here’s how: Instead of thinking narrowly about ‘I just want to talk to prospective clients’ think ‘I want to connect with people around my business and the transformation that I provide’. This will open you up to new opportunities and new relationships. It’s also great practice for the future. No matter what’s going on in the world, you always want to be expanding your network.

3. A high-quality, useful freebie

People often won’t pick up the phone and call you, or schedule a consultation if they don’t know you. A high-quality freebie, also called a lead magnet, that provides quick, actionable help to your ideal clients is the best way to break through and have them start to trust you. This is the one method that allows you to access people who don’t yet know you or your friends.

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