3 Ways to Access a Hidden Source of New Clients

I get this question almost every day (especially now!)

“I need to book some new clients, like, immediately.

Where can I find them?”

There are some sources of new clients hidden in plain sight that most people overlook, but every client that I’ve recommended these sources to in the last two months has booked a client. Every. Single. One.

I figured you’d want the sources, too, right?

Here are my top 3 (hidden) sources:

1. Your former clients.

Unless you sell a one-time-only service, your former clients might also be your future clients. However, the mistake most people make is reaching out and saying “Hey, wanna work with me again?” That’s a little abrupt.

Instead, try this approach: 

  • Reach out and see how they’re doing. 
  • Offer them some new content that you’ve created since they worked with you, that might be relevant to their current needs. 
  • Ask them what other resources they need, then make suggestions based on your connections in your industry.
  • Basically, become a resource for them. 

Another mistake that people make with regard to their former clients is feeling that it’s ‘bugging them’ to reach out. That’s only true IF you reach out with needy energy, seeking to take rather than give. Show up to serve, and some of them will be interested in working with you again.

2. Your former prospective clients.

Former prospective clients are people that you had a conversation with, regarding your services or working with you, but for some reason they didn’t become clients.

Just because someone said ‘no’ to working with you last year, doesn’t mean that they’re still a ‘no’. This can be even more true during times of crisis because the need for transformational services can increase dramatically.

The reach out for former prospective clients is similar to the reach out for former clients. Reach out and inquire authentically about how they’re doing, offer them value, and be of service. You’ll be surprised how many will reciprocate, either with interest or a referral.

3. Your Dream 100 list.

A ‘Dream 100’ list is a marketing concept of creating a list of actual people, or businesses, that you want to have hire you.

To create this list:

  • You may already know people who you believe would be ideal clients. If so, it’s time to reach out! Remember to start with being of value to them. (Hint: Don’t lead with ‘you should hire me, you need my help’!)
  • Access an online source, like a Facebook group, and identify some people that you may want to reach out to through direct message, or emailing them through their website.
  • Call your friends or colleagues and ask them who they know who fits your ideal client profile. You don’t even need to get a referral (although it’s awesome if you can!)

Does it take courage to do these kinds of reach outs? Absolutely!

But more than ever, right now people want to connect. Why not take a chance, be of service, and see who is interested in YOUR services?

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