3 Ways to Attract High-Paying Clients Online

Successful african-american woman who is skilled at getting high-paying clients. Attract Clients Online. Pamela Bruner.

It’s always great when you talk to a prospective client, and they’re ready and willing to hand you a credit card.

No objections. No, “I’ll have to think about it.”

Just a happy, “YES, I’d love to work with you!”

But where do you FIND the high-paying clients like that? (Especially now, during the pandemic!)

There are three things you need to do in order to have this kind of client show up for you. I know that #1 will probably surprise you!

1. Create a vision for attracting them.

I was talking to some of my high-level clients, and we were discussing self-sabotage. Some of them were concerned that as they set higher goals, they would find a way to self-sabotage, because they’d done it in the past.

What we discovered when we talked it through, was that their self-sabotage had happened in the past ONLY when there was no vision.

In other words, “I want this (but I secretly don’t know, or don’t think, I can have it…)” is the complete opposite of “I want this, I can see myself getting this, my vision for success is entirely clear…”

If you’ve been thinking, “I’d love to get high-paying clients, but…”

  • “I don’t want to only work with rich people.”
  • “I don’t want to seem greedy.”
  • “What if they don’t think I’m good enough.”
  • “What if they don’t get the results.”
  • Etc, etc.

There’s no point in implementing tactics. You’re probably going to sabotage your own efforts. After all, there’s a conflict inside of you that has to be resolved.

Create the vision of what it looks like when you’re serving high-paying clients, people who value you, and your work. Make sure your emotions are in alignment with your vision, and you’ll be set to move on to Step 2.

2. Create a brand message that aligns with them.

You may need to tweak your language to attract different types of clients. 

Here are some of the things you may want to consider upgrading:

Your message: The pain points that an ideal, high-paying client experiences may be different than some of the pain points that you’ve been using already.

Your elevator speech: When you see yourself as serving top-level people, how you talk about what you do may change. Ask yourself – how would I introduce myself if I were one of the best in the world at what I do?

HINT: You wouldn’t need to say it or defend it, but there would be indicators in your speech about it.

Your brand or visual brand: Does your current brand scream ‘bargain basement’? If it’s outdated, or unprofessionally done, it’s hard to make a case that you’re serving high-paying clients. 

3. Target them through your reach outs.

Once you can see yourself working with high-paying clients and being valued by them, it’s easier to reach out. Once you can see yourself working with high-paying clients and being valued by them, it’s easier to reach out.

You can reach out in these ways:

Referral partners: reach out to people who serve your ideal, high-paying clients in a different way than you do, so you’re non-competitive. Introduce yourself, and suggest connecting to see how you can help each other. Does this take guts? Yep! But they might be thrilled to hear from you if they’ve been looking for a resource.

Forums: find places that your ideal clients gather, and show up as an expert. When you’re generous and helpful, people notice and will seek you out.

Direct reach out: Do you know someone you’d LOVE to work with, someone you’d love to have as a client? Reach out to that person and offer a free session, or something else of value.

Be upfront about your desire to help, and be unattached to the outcome. You never know if it will be the exact right time for them to consider working with you!

It’s time for YOU to attract high-paying clients! If you want some help, you can schedule a free breakthrough call with one of my expert coaches.

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