3 Ways to Brand Yourself (and which one brings more $$$)


3 Ways to Brand Yourself
(and which one brings more $$$)

Not sure you’ve got a brand name that will attract the clients you want?

Or, maybe you defaulted to calling yourself ‘MyNameCoaching.com’…

If you suspect that your brand is a little lackluster, it’s time to make a conscious choice.

There are 3 ways to brand yourself as a coach, consultant, or healer – and only one is a real money-maker!


The 3 Brand Types:

1. Process Brand

If you name your business using your modality or your process, you have a ‘Process Brand.’ Examples of this would be ‘EFTNewYork.com’ or ‘QuantumTouchLisa.’

When you brand based on your process, you’re expecting something.

You’re expecting that the people who hear about you will know what the process is, and already be sold on it. That can work fairly well when you have a well-known process, such as ‘chiropractic’ or ‘dentist’. It’s much less effective when you’re branding based on a healing or energy technique that’s not as well known. When people don’t know what your modality or process is, or what it does, it creates a barrier up front to them talking to you about your work.

While there are outliers, don’t choose this type of branding unless you’re willing to work very hard to get people to know who you are as a person. Process branding usually results in the lowest revenue of all three types.


2. Charisma Brand

This is branding based on you. The business name may be your name, or may be something else, but people buy because YOU are charismatic, and you’re always out there. They see you everywhere, you become a popular go-to person for the transformation that you provide.

Charisma Branding is best for people who are already comfortable speaking, networking, and enjoy being in the limelight. While you CAN scale a Charisma Brand, it’s harder to do than scaling the other two types because most people who interact with a Charisma Brand want YOU. They don’t want an associate, or a certified practitioner.

A Charisma Brand will often result in a business that tops out at $100K – 200K. If you’re charismatic and willing to charge high-ticket, it takes creating connections but it can produce a good living. Regardless of whether you want a Charisma Brand or not, you should always try to own YOURNAME.com, just so it’s not taken by someone more famous or infamous!

3. Results Brand

This is branding based on a result that you provide. In order to create a Results Brand, you must niche down, or specialize, in providing a certain solution for a certain group of people. (News flash: Helping people get unstuck, is NOT specific enough!)

A Results Brand usually centers around business and money, relationships, health, or personal development. Creating a brand based on a specific result that you provide is the best way to be well-paid for the transformation that you provide.

It’s also scalable in this way: You can bring on associates who do what you do, and they can also help people. Because the brand is based on results, people don’t HAVE to work with you. This means that you get paid for work others are doing in your business, which is a great way to scale and grow!

Which type of brand do you have currently? Which type of brand do you want? Is your brand message mixed between two of the brand types? This can be even more confusing to potential clients!
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