5 Secrets to Writing a Great Blog (Easily!)

Have you ever experienced the blinking cursor syndrome?

You know the time… when you’re staring at a blank screen, you REALLY have to get your blog written, and you can’t think of a single thought that’s blog-worthy.

These 5 secrets will get you happily typing, FAST. And better yet, your blog will be the kind that attracts clients. (Yay, clients!)

Secret 1: Use a Proven Topic

Do you know what your readers (or ideal clients) love?

It’s a great idea to give them that topic, frequently. For example, I know my readers love being well-paid, great branding ideas, strategic guidance to get a short business tasks done, etc. When I choose from one of those proven ideas, it’s going to be a good blog for my audience.

If you’ve been thinking, “I can’t talk about that subject AGAIN,” reconsider. There are always different ways to approach a situation so the material is fresh and helpful. If you wrote a blog last time, consider doing a video on the same subject this time instead.

Secret 2: Have a Clear System

Sitting down to write a blog, or plan out other content marketing, can often feel pressuring and deadline-driven. That’s not the way to do your best work!

Come up with a list of topics, so you’re already starting with an idea when you sit down to create. It’s much easier to create content when you have a starting place, rather than staring at a blank screen.

Secret 3: Celebrations ROCK

Crafting a lesson or a story around a celebration of one of your clients is a great way to structure your blog. If you need to maintain confidentiality, change the name and one or two of the identifying details. 

Remember to start with the problem that was solved, and then tell the story leading to the transformation. Sharing celebrations is inspiring, and it provides social proof that you’re good at what you do.

Here’s MY celebration: I recently launched a new content strategy with the help of my marketing team (love them!), and it ROCKS.

By updating the way I do some of the “little things,” like writing these blog posts to choosing the subject lines for the emails that promote them, I have grown my email list by over 35% in the last 6 months. I simply changed the way I create content to better help you and your specific needs, and POOF, like magic, more people like you appear on my subscribers list.

Wait, it gets better: I don’t just have MORE subscribers, I am serving people more.

What do I mean by this?

The people I send my content  to (like how I emailed you this blog, for example) are engaging with it 25% more than they were before I made these minor shifts.

So, with this new content strategy, not only do I get to continue to share my expertise and experiences with you, but I’m also creating things that YOU love, and I know is serving you.

Now that I know what works (and what doesn’t work!), I want to help you improve your content too. To get some strategic tips and shifts for your blog or website pages, download my 5 Most Common Branding Mistakes guide. It’s free and a great resource to use when crafting your brand & website.

Secret 4: Soapbox Rants are Awesome!

What pisses you off? What breaks your heart?

If you see something in your industry that gets you riled up, talk about it! I like to do my rants on video so I get to use my personality. Whether you write it, or speak it, ranting about what you believe is polarizing – in a good way.

People who disagree will leave, and you want them to. People who agree will love you and want to work with you!

Secret 5: Be Inspired By Your ‘Treasure Chests’

My ‘Treasure Chests’ are the files that I dig into for inspiration. I have one titled ‘Blog Ideas,’ where I store random thoughts about topics I’d like to write about. Then, when I feel stumped, I read that document with all my ideas and get inspired.

My other Treasure Chest is what I like to call my Swipe File. This ‘Swipe File’ is where I keep all the emails and blog posts from my favorite people in my industry, and I’ll often look at it for inspiration. Just because another person wrote about branding, doesn’t mean that I don’t have a completely different opinion to share!

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