5 Signs Your Mindset Is Costing You BIG TIME

Mindset challenges? Pretty much every entrepreneur has them.

It’s not enough to say ‘just get over it’ or ‘do it even if you fear or hate it’. Either you’ll procrastinate, or you’ll be ineffective at the actions you need to take.

Actually clearing the mindset challenges from the subconscious is a much better route. Otherwise, they act as a drain on your energy and ability to run your business.

So how do you know how much mindset challenges are impacting YOU?

These are the top 5 signs that your mindset challenges are costing you:

1. You don’t like talking about fees or prices.

When you need to quote your fees to a prospective client, do you feel uncomfortable? Sometimes it’s the fear that they will say no, and sometimes it’s a fear that they’ll say ‘yes’ but then be disappointed in working with you. (Incidentally, that fear doesn’t just appear in newer coaches or healers – I’ve heard experienced, credentialed people express the same thing.)
This is one of the biggest challenges in getting you over the six figure mark, and it is a challenge for which there isn’t really a strategic solution. This is pure mindset work, and it’s non-negotiable.

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2. Online marketing feels confusing and overwhelming.

Most coaches and healers don’t enjoy marketing, and when you add the tech component of online marketing, it can get complicated. However, confusion and overwhelm are emotions that don’t serve you.

There is one powerful strategic thing that you can do to help with this: make a list of all the things that you need to do. Often overwhelm is a result of having too much in your head, and ‘releasing’ that pressure into a written list will reduce the stress and make it easier to start moving forward.

3. You’re not entirely comfortable with social media, and being visible.

Sometimes this is due to fears around visibility, such as the fear that you’ll be criticized or attacked. Sometimes the fear is around a loss of privacy. 

One of the ways to begin becoming more comfortable is to just do it. While I prefer to remove the discomfort with tapping, or another mindset technique, the truth is that in order to be good on social, you need to be experienced. Experience comes through practice!

4. Clients sometimes push your boundaries.

Often, when you’re starting out or trying to get to a certain revenue level, the last thing that you want to do is to fire a client, or say no, fearing that the client will walk away or stop paying you.
However, clients with boundary issues take up enormous amounts of your energy, and usually your time as well. Dealing with these clients usually isn’t worth the revenue they bring in, so stick to your boundaries.

One thing that is helpful in getting clients to accept boundaries is to state them without defensiveness or apology. That way, it’s just a policy, and they don’t get caught up in your energy of fear or doubt. This makes it less likely that they’ll push back, which is what you want.

    5. You’re not making the money you want to make in your business. 

    This is the final indication that mindset issues are at work. There may also be strategic issues, like a misunderstanding of marketing, sales, offer, or business models. However, the more likely issue is that there is a combination of mindset challenges.

    Challenges around sales, money and rates, marketing reach out, and money ceilings can all conspire to keep your revenue and income at far less than you want it to be. One way to start shifting this is to ask yourself: what’s one change that, if it happened, would start bringing in significantly more revenue?

    So where do you stand? Do you have one of these mindset challenges, or all of them?

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