5 Tips for a Client-Attracting Facebook Live

Getting clients online isn’t just a way to build your business. Right now it’s the ONLY way.

Facebook Live videos can be a great client-attracting technique, but only if you know how to do them correctly. Even if you’re a great teacher, producing a client-attracting Facebook Live requires a different approach.

Here are my 5 best tips for a client-attracting Facebook Live!

1. Good lighting and good sound.

You look more engaging, more likeable, and more professional with good lighting on your face. The good news? You can do this with either a window with good light, or a relatively inexpensive lightbox that you can order online for about $60.

Sound is even more important. Since people are now used to Zoom-quality sound, you don’t need an awesome, expensive microphone, but you do need to speak clearly, and double-check the sound before you begin. Being in a quiet environment helps. While sometimes you can do a Facebook Live from outside, usually you’ll want the quiet of an inside space.

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2. Prepare yourself and your background.

I usually get some negative feedback whenever I say, “women need to wear makeup on video.” However, it’s not about looking like you’re out for a night on the town it’s about replacing the color and emphasis that you have when you meet someone in person.

Even on video, people are mostly looking at your eyes, and your lips, which means that highlighting both of those is a good idea. Wearing makeup will help focus your listeners attention on you.

Your background should be either clean, or beautiful. If you can stand in front of a painting or other artwork, great. If you have a clear wall, that’s fine too. A cluttered background is distracting. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t have laundry or dishes in a corner (yep, I’ve seen it happen!)

Hint: DON’T use one of the fake backgrounds that put a false image behind you. While they can be good for hiding an unattractive space, they also read as ‘fake’. That’s not the impression you want to be giving potential clients!

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3. Keep it short and smile ‘til it hurts.

Work to keep your Facebook Lives short, and powerful, especially at the beginning. Because people can walk away easily, you want to keep them engaged until the end and wanting more, rather than moving away.

You probably won’t smile enough for the first 100 Facebook Lives that you do. 🙂 We’re not used to smiling unless we see another person in front of us, so smiling into the little green light on your computer is NOT natural.  

Hint: Practice smiling, and smile about 10 times more often than you think you need to. Even if you help people with a serious subject, your smile will make you seem more approachable and trustworthy.

    4. Know your CTA and repeat it frequently.

    Your CTA is your ‘Call To Action’, or the step that you want your viewer to take. That step may be to put a comment on the video, or to schedule a call with you on a particular link that you give them. 

    Hint: If you wait until the end of your Facebook Live to give your CTA, some of your viewers will have left. If you repeat your CTA frequently, you’re more likely to capture the interest and action of your viewers.

    5. Practice, practice, practice!

    No one starts out presenting well, and even if you’re good on stage, video is different. It can be painful to do a Facebook Live and watch it to see what works and what doesn’t, but it’s invaluable training. 

    Expect that your first efforts will be less than stellar that’s OK! As you get better, you’ll build your platform and more people will watch.  

    Hint: You can create a Facebook page and not invite anyone to it, and then use it as a practice ground. No one will see the Facebook Live you do there except you! When you’re ready, you can start doing them in a public group or on your Facebook page.

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