5 Tips for Online Marketing During COVID-19

Yep, there’s a pandemic going on. And somehow, we’re still supposed to serve our clients, grow the business, home-school the kids, and keep an even emotional keel for ourselves and our families.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Some of the coaches that I’ve talked to have had the best months in their businesses EVER in the last three months.


It comes down to becoming good at finding your clients online.

If you’d like to get better at that, here are my top 5 tips for online marketing during COVID-19.

First, understand that people are more nervous in general than they have been in decades. Because they are nervous, they’re looking for solutions more than ever, and may leap more quickly for your solution when you present it the right way.

1. Make it personal

Define your avatar (or target market), and be clear about who you help. Since people are looking for connection, they want to know that you specialize in helping people like them. If you work with women, say so. If you work with a certain profession or age range, say so. 

If you don’t currently have a clearly defined target market or ideal client persona, this is the perfect opportunity to narrow down. Some people may still be drawn to you who don’t fit that persona, and you can still work with them. But your marketing should speak to one particular person.

Not-so-good example: 

“I do transformational coaching for those who want to live their best lives”

Good example: 

“I serve professional moms who are struggling to work from home with kids underfoot”

2. Make it warm

Most transformational entrepreneurs that I know are more positive than most people. That means that you’re less likely to reference the pandemic, and speak to people’s fears. Right now, that’s not seen as helpful. 

If you don’t show that you’re in tune with the fears that people are experiencing, and that you care and want to help, your brand and message will seem cold and out-of-touch.

3. Make it relevant

People need transformation more than ever right now. But they may not see a transformational process as something that is critical to their current concerns. When your marketing relates the solution that you provide to what they’re going through, it will feel much more important to them to take action.

Example: “Will Your Brand Hold Up Online During this Crisis?” Webinar

4. Make it easy to start

What’s the first thing that you ask someone to do when they ‘meet’ you online? If it’s ‘reach out for a chat with me’… that’s a big ask. They don’t know you, and haven’t experienced enough of your energy or transformation to trust you. If you have a short, easily consumable free offer (like a short PDF or video) it’s much easier for them to start relating to you.

Examples of great free offer titles:

  • 5 Simple Steps to Setting Up Your Spiritual Practice (from Terri Ann Heiman)
  • 5 Mistakes Even Savvy Women Make that Lead to Burnout, and what to do instead (from Christy Nichol)

5. Be willing to show up as a leader

It’s easy to hide behind your computer, and not be visible, especially when in-person networking just isn’t happening. This is the time the world needs you, and what you provide, so commit to showing up. 

A great way to do this is to a weekly Facebook Live, or post short videos on Instagram if you prefer that platform. Even if you don’t think you’re good on video, there’s only one way to get better!

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