5 Tips for Using Music to Build Your Business


5 Tips for Using Music to Build Your Business

Because I used to be a professional musician, people often ask me, “Do you incorporate music into your coaching and marketing business?”

Generally, no. I think that trying to make a branding statement WORK that includes ?I?m a harpist and a business coach? is WAY too big a stretch!

However, that doesn?t mean that music doesn?t play a huge role in how I work in my business, and in my success.

The good news for you? Whether you?re a musician or not, if you enjoy music, and you?re looking for a somewhat unusual approach to strengthening your business mindset, you?ll enjoy these 5 tips.

The 5 Tips:

1.?Music is a mood-altering substance.

You?ve probably had the experience of putting on a piece of music, and within a minute or two your energy is completely different. Whether the music is calming, or energizing, music can alter your mood very quickly. It?s also very inexpensive, and has no side effects.

Particularly if you sing along to lyrics that are inspiring or affirming what you want, those lyrics go into your brain riding on your subconscious and bypass the conscious mind?s editing.

Question to ask yourself: “How can I use music today to create the mood I want?”

2. Use music to inspire creativity.

Creativity usually emerges when we feel well-resourced, and are feeling positive emotions whether they?re relaxing or energizing. In today?s business climate, you want to creatively engage with your marketing, your audience, and your offerings.

This will ensure that you?re bringing your best resources to maintaining your business, even during difficult times. (Remember the old ?mix tapes? that we used to make when we all played cassettes? Create one for yourself for creativity?? and you can do it nowadays as a playlist!)

Question to ask yourself: “How can I use music today to inspire creativity?”

3. Use music to ?lighten the lift?.

Gratitude practices, and reframing negative thoughts into positive ones are two very powerful tools for keeping yourself focused. However, both of them sometimes require a ?lift? or effort?? in other words, it?s work on your part to generate gratitude if you?re not feeling grateful in the moment. It?s work to come up with a positive thought when you?re bombarded with negative messages.

Music can change that by priming the pump of good feelings, making it easier to use your other tools.

Question to ask yourself: “How can I use music today to support my spiritual/mindset practices?”

4. Use music to bring release.

Sometimes I feel like I want to cry. For me, in this situation, the release of tears occurs as cathartic. Often this is when I?m low resourced, or stressed ? but the tears don?t always come.

Music can help me by causing me to start crying. Whether it?s a sad song, or an uplifting song that brings tears of joy, music can often start that release.

Question to ask yourself: “How can I use music today to bring release?”

5. Use music for silliness.

Have you ever tried singing along to a campy song in a crazy voice? It?s fun! (And it?s fun whether or not you have a good singing voice ? in fact, sometimes it?s more fun if you don?t!).

So grab an oldie from years ago that always made you roll your eyes, or a comedy song, and sing!?

Question to ask yourself: “How can I bring silliness and fun into my life today with music?”

My current favs:?

For inspiration: Jana Stanfield?s album, ?If I Were Brave,? and Michael Gott?s ?Amazing Things?

For comedy: Tom Lehrer

I recently gave an interview as part of a series on ?navigating the unknown with mastery? using music and sound. I can?t think of anything we need MORE right now than being able to navigate the unknown effectively!

You can hear my interview, and many others, here. (There?s no charge for this.)