5 things you DON’T have to do online to get clients

Women looking for online visibility through marketing

“I don’t like social media, and don’t EVER go to Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn. 
How can I possibly attract clients online?”

I get it. Social media can be a time and energy drain if you don’t know how to use it properly. If you don’t like it, or don’t feel comfortable being visible, you’re probably not gonna want to learn to use it well!

So to make things easier, here are 5 things you DON’T have to do online:

  1. Post pictures of your dog, or what you had for breakfast
  2. Spend hours scrolling your Facebook feed
  3. ‘Friend’ everyone you know, going back to the 3rd grade
  4. Dump $$$$ into Facebook ads (until and unless you’re ready, usually well over the 6-figure mark)
  5. Be on every single platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok…

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, want to know what to do instead?

The truth is, online client attraction isn’t going away, and it’s more important than ever.

Try these 5 tips to start comfortably increasing your visibility online.

1. Practice makes perfect.

Being good on video is a must-do for the foreseeable future, especially if you want people to trust you enough to work with you on coaching or healing. Most of us weren’t born good on stage or video – my early videos are certainly cringe-worthy!

Facebook Live is a great way to start working on video with very little risk. While it may seem like you’re broadcasting to the world, if you have a Facebook page with very few likes, the truth is that no one will see your video unless you go out of your way to tell them it’s there. So start and practice.

Start talking about what you do, so you get used to creating sound bites about the results you can help your clients achieve. (Hint: you can always delete a Facebook Live after you do it if you REALLY don’t want it out there.) But learning to keep going, even if you don’t feel like you’re doing well, is an important presentation skill.

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2. Spend your time in groups, not in your feed.

It’s true – your feed can be a huge time and energy drain. Facebook shows you all kinds of things, hoping you’ll get hooked on reading and clicking.

Groups, however, are different. You may be in groups to learn, like groups attached to a coach or an event, or you may want to enter groups because your ideal clients are in that group. Even if it’s a group where you’re not allowed to promote, you can be helpful and answer questions in the group. When you’re helpful consistently, people will start seeking you out.

3. Write an article to answer a question.

When you’re answering a question in a group that you don’t own, rather than just typing in your helpful answer, consider writing a blog post, and then sharing the link in the group. This has two benefits: One, you’ve created content that now lives on your site. Two, you get to direct the people in the group back to your website. (Be sure to check the rules of a group before you list a link – some allow this, some don’t.)

4. Be a ‘fangirl’ for your competition.

One of the best ways to get known is to befriend your competition.

Is there someone who does what you do, but they’re further along the success track? Great! Study their work, and compliment them when something is helpful or meaningful to you. Comment on their blog, or support them or their community in a social media post.

You might end up with them as a referral partner, or an opportunity to collaborate.

5. Make a ’10 Best Questions’ list.

Sometimes the reason we’re hesitant to put ourselves out there is because we don’t know the best thing to say. Staring at a cursor and wondering what to type is a sure-fire way to end up procrastinating.

Make a list of 10 questions that you’re frequently asked, or 10 questions you wish people would ask you about your work. You can use these questions for blogs, Facebook Lives, or interviews. Just pulling up that list can give you ideas so you always have something to say.

Being good on social media is no longer optional, so taking small steps to get more comfortable with it, and more visible, is important to the impact you want to make.

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