5 Tips for a Cash Infusion in 30 Days

Now with 2021 officially underway, it’s time to get crackin’! Refocus on goals, put new plans into place, etc., etc… specifically, get cash and clients! So, what do you actually DO that’s helpful?

Here’s the 5-step process that will walk you through exactly what you need to do to get cash, and clients in the next month.

Hint: It only works if you TAKE THE STEPS, so read and start doing!

Step 1: Cash Infusion vs. Long-Term Strategy

I teach my clients to create high-ticket Signature Systems. This means that there’s some time and effort involved between “I want to get clients” and “I have something valuable to offer them.”

And sometimes you just need cash, and clients, now.

So the first step is to decide whether you’re going for short-term cash or building your clientele as part of a long-term growth strategy. So, what is the difference?

Cash infusion (or short-term cash) is more about offering what you already have, not creating lots of new stuff. For this article, I’m going to assume that you’re choosing a cash infusion.

This means we focus on money now, rather than on spending weeks getting things into place.

Step 2: Choose your cash infusion strategy

There are three good types of cash infusion offerings.

1. A Previous Program or Offer

If you used to offer a type of work that you don’t usually offer now, the people who know may not know about that work. That makes it a great offering for ‘right now.’
Here’s how you might offer it: “I used to do this, and I was inspired to offer this again just to 5 people…”

2. A VIP Session

Instead of selling single sessions, create a 90-minute special session with a specific outcome that your current network is hungry for. You can usually charge $297 or $397 for a VIP session like that if the outcome is juicy enough.
An example might be a ‘Menu Makeover Session’ for a health coach, or a ‘Money Upgrade’ session for a business coach.

3. A ‘Jumpstart’ Program

Consider the work that you would do with someone if you had 3, and only 3, sessions to work with them. What would you suggest as a great outcome? Hint: It can’t just be 3 sessions, it must have a specific result.

This is different than a Signature System because you’re not going to create materials for it. You’re just making an offer for 21 days of work (3 sessions over 3 weeks) with a specific outcome in mind.

Step 3: Make a Reach Out List

Cash infusion is almost always done with your existing network, not new people. This is great in that it makes it easier to reach out, because you’re reaching out to people you already have a relationship with.

Here are some ideas for your Reach Out List:

  • Client/previous client roster
  • Facebook friends (real friends)
  • LinkedIn contacts
  • Colleagues from a previous job or profession
  • Family members

Step 4: Set a Schedule

How much time will you allocate to your Cash Infusion? Is it time, or a number?

For example, you can reach out to 10 people a day, or spend 2 hours every day reaching out for the next week.

Hint: Not scheduling this work will impact your ability to succeed, so put it on your calendar!

Step 5: Be Fearless and Willing to be Imperfect

One of the reasons that people don’t do a strategy like this one is because of fear. You’re afraid that people will be offended. You’re afraid of being rejected. You’re afraid you’ll look like an idiot.

While all of those things are possible, they aren’t the end of the world. You may make some invitations in a better way than others. Some people may say yes, some may say no. But the end result is usually money in your pocket and some people who feel well-served at having been able to work with you

So take the first step! What are you waiting for?

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