The 4 Critical Mindset Shifts

You Need to Charge More


The 4 Critical Mindset Shifts

You Need to Charge More

Most coaches, consultants, and service providers aren’t being paid what they’re worth.?

Are you one of them? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell on you.)


Most coaches, consultants, and service providers aren’t being paid what they’re worth.

Are you one of them? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell on you.)


All the strategic advice in the world won?t work if you don?t have the mindset piece in place.

Hint: Saying ?I know I should charge more, but?? is a sign that there is a mindset issue!

Want to know if you?ve got a mindset issue keeping you from charging the right amount?

See if you?re struggling with one of these 4 critical mindset shifts you need, to charge more.

1)?Be willing to hear ?you?re too expensive?

When someone says to us ?you?re too expensive? or ?that?s too expensive? it feels like a judgment. We believe that we?ve overpriced ourselves, we?re being greedy, and it feels like our beautiful transformative services have somehow taken on the greasy taint of a used car salesman.

Except that?s not true.

Everyone has a money setpoint – an amount that they think is ?right? to pay for anything. Some people think $4 is too much for a cup of coffee, but premium coffee shops sell thousands of cups every day to people who are eager for their lattes.

Here?s the mindset shift you need: When/if someone says ?that?s too expensive?, you can translate that into ?that?s outside my money setpoint for transformation.? It?s not about you, it?s about them.

Here?s the advanced mindset point of view: If you don?t have a percentage of people telling you you?re too expensive, then you?re definitely underpriced. SOME people should be telling you that, all the time.

2)?Charge the most for what is easiest for you.

This is a tough one. When something is easy for you, it?s a joy to do. In a way, it feels like a hobby. It feels almost like you ought to pay for the privilege of getting to do this amazing thing.

So when you get paid for working with people like this? Wow. And paid WELL? That feels a little like double-dipping.

Now, I?ll be the first to admit that this is a bit of a spiritual reframe for me. I believe that the universe is set up for you (for all of us) to be joyful, abundant and prosperous. So it makes sense that something that brings you joy (it?s easy and fun for you) should be something that also brings you lots of money.

The other way you can believe that the universe is set up: you have to slave at stuff you hate in order to be well-paid, and you have to suffer and be broke to do what you love. You can believe that if you want? and you?ll probably end up creating it.

From a values standpoint, it makes sense to be well-paid for what you do easily. Since you do it easily and joyfully, you?re probably going to be pretty darn good at it, and continue to work to improve. It makes more sense to pay you, and people will get a better result with you, than to pay someone who hates doing something!

3)?Give up the desire to help everyone

One of the reasons that many transformational entrepreneurs undercharge is that they ?don?t want to leave anyone out?. They want everyone to have access to the transformation that they provide

However, the truth is that your time is finite. You can only help so many people unless you scale with digital products, books, etc. So undercharging still means that you?ll serve that finite number of people, but you won?t be as well paid.

Instead, you can charge premium prices, serve some people at a higher level, and use the money you make to fund writing your book, creating your program, or in some way creating an offering that helps people at all levels to enjoy your transformation.

4) Understand that everyone gets a different transformation

Sometimes when I teach about charging high-ticket, especially for a program like a Signature System, I hear the objection ?but how do I know that they?ll get the transformation? If I charge less then I feel better about whatever transformation they get.?

The truth is, no two people who work with you will get exactly the same transformation.

There is a part of our minds that thinks ?but people who work with me longer and pay me more will get more transformation? but when you think about it, you?ll realize that?s not true. Some people take longer and get what seems to you like a small shift, and some people get incredible benefits right away? everyone is different.

And knowing that THIS IS OK is critical to being a successful coach, consultant or service provider.

Here?s why this is hard to grasp: Because you have a perspective, with what you know, for the ultimate possibility for each and every client. You know the max that people could achieve, and you want that for them. But they may not see it, or be ready for that when they work with you. What seems like a small piece of transformation to you, may be life-changing to them.

I remember when a friend who is a composer asked me (back in my days as a harpist) how I thought she could get more top-flight harpists to play her work. I responded, thinking that I was asking her a simple, foolish question, ?Well, have you asked them??

She was awe-struck and thought it was an AMAZING idea. She told me months later that one question had resulted in lots of more performances of her work, and she was forever grateful.

Everyone gets something different from what you offer. Your simplest work could create priceless shifts. So you set the fees YOU want, and then work to help people reach their potential, knowing that what they achieve and what you see for them may not match. And that?s OK.

Now, you may already have an intellectual understanding that there?s some truth in these 4 shifts. ??

But if reading about these isn?t quite enough to create the shifts that would allow you to charge what you?re worth, watch my Facebook LIVE where we?ll work through ?The 4 Critical Mindset Shifts You Need, to Charge More?. Get deets here!