How-To Guide: 3 Steps to Get Clients from Facebook Groups


How-To Guide: 3 Steps to Get Clients from Facebook Groups


If you’re looking online for clients, Facebook Groups can be a great place to find your ideal clients and build trusting relationships with them.

However, too many people go into Facebook and flounder, spending time they don’t need to and not getting results.

You need to know where to go, and what to do.

I’ve laid out 3 simple steps for you to get clients from Facebook Groups, because there are people out there right now who NEED what YOU do!

First, a little background about Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups are communities of people who share a common interest. There are many, many groups ranging in size from dozens of people to hundreds of thousands.

HINT: The biggest groups aren’t always the best places to find clients!

Facebook Groups differ from Facebook pages in that a page is a platform for a person or business. A group, while it has people who own and administer it, is set up around a topic rather than a person.

Just like any community, or an offline group such as a meetup, you can go inside a virtual group on Facebook and interact with people there to find clients. You can also use them to build your email list, and the best part is – they’re free!

Now let’s look at the 3 steps.

Step 1: Find your ideal clients in Facebook Groups.

When you know who your ideal client is, and what they’re looking for, you can search for groups that cater to that client. (HINT: If you say, “I serve everyone,” you’ll need to niche that down, not just to succeed with these steps, but to market your services in general.)

One of the best ways to find your ideal client on Facebook is to let Facebook itself help you!

On Facebook, you can go to ‘Groups’ and then search.

One way to do this is to search for people who like influencers, or a certain product or service. For example, you can type in ‘Groups joined by people who like (a specific product)’ or ‘Groups joined by people who like (a person’s name)’.

You’ll get a list of groups, and you can read the description of the group to see if that’s what you’re looking for.

Don’t assume that people who like someone better-known than you in your industry won’t be interested in your services. They’re following the ‘guru’ to learn but may not want to invest in that person. You can show up as the helpful, accessible person that they need.

Another possibility is to join groups that have good referral partners. Are there other people who serve your ideal clients, but don’t offer the same thing you do?

For example, if you’re a copywriter, you could join a group of business coaches, because their clients need your services and you’re not competing with them.

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Now that you’ve identified a few groups, it’s time for Step 2.

Step 2: Join the groups with your ideal clients.

This is the easy step! Request to join the group.

Often the admin will have you answer a few questions to make sure you’re a good fit for the group. Give thought to these answers, so you’ll show up as the contributing participant that they’re looking for.

Join only 3-4 groups at first, as you work through this 3-step process. You can get overwhelmed by groups, and you want to be more strategic than that.

So now you’re in some groups. What’s next?

Step 3: Participate, share, and build trust.

This is the biggest step. You’ll want to post in a group at least a few times a week.

Here are a few ways you can post effectively

1. Share your expertise freely. When people see that you’re knowledgeable, some will seek you out to learn more. A great way to do this is to answer questions others in the group are posting.

2. Celebrate and acknowledge others when they post, so you’re seen as positive and affirming.

3. Ask helpful questions that encourage others to share. For example, if you’re a relationship coach and in a relevant group, you might ask ‘What’s your favorite method for starting a make-up (reconciliation) conversation? I have one, but I’m interested in what others say.

4. Share quality content, like a link to an article on your blog that answers a question someone asked. You can also share case studies of successful clients. NOTE: You want to be very careful to honor the rules of the group. Some allow promotion, some don’t. Sometimes, promotions are allowed on a certain day (like, “Wednesday is ‘Share your Free Resource’ Day”). Know the rules of the group so you can participate authentically and ethically.

That’s it! The 3 simple steps to get clients with Facebook Groups.

Here’s the thing though: They’re simple, but not necessarily easy. They require perseverance, and willingness to show up and be visible.

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