Is Networking Still
Viable? Yes, and Here’s How To Do It!

Whenever an aircraft gets into trouble while it’s flying, there’s a checklist that pilots are supposed to use.

First thing on the checklist? “Fly the plane.” 🙂

I know, it seems funny, but it’s actually very sensible. And it’s relevant to YOUR business, right now.

You see, when a pilot is faced with an airplane problem that’s big, in the past some of them got so focused on trying to figure out what was going on, and trying to fix things, that they forgot to keep flying the plane and crashed.

Hence the 1st thing on the checklist: Fly the plane.

During the mad scramble to take your business online, it’s easy to get caught up in creating freebies, funnels, wondering if you should do Facebook ads, or Instagram TV, or, or…

Your business still needs cash. For you, ‘flying the plane’ means remembering to continue networking, having strategy sessions to offer your work and book clients, and seeking out referral partners.

“But my networking group isn’t meeting now because of social distancing!”

True. However, here are 3 things you can still do to keep the cash flow coming in.

1. Reach out to your immediate circle.

Most new coaches, consultants, and healers make their first $20,000 by connecting with their immediate circle. It can be as simple as ‘I’m doing something new, and I’d love to tell you about it!’

Since most people right now are hungry for connection, this is the perfect time to reconnect with people you haven’t talked to in a while. Just remember, be prepared to connect, give, and support them – it’s a relationship first!

2. Join online groups, networking groups and Facebook groups.

Networking hasn’t stopped, it’s just gone online. Many networking groups are meeting virtually, and Facebook groups that serve your ideal clients are a great place to participate. Is there a Forum that discusses topics and challenges that your ideal clients face? Be a force for good in that group! In offering helpful suggestions, so people will seek you out for additional work.

Hint: Put your business name, or better yet, your freebie name in your online signature, and you’ll always be putting your work in front of others.

3. Reach out to potential referral partners.

Do you know people who serve your ideal clients, but in ways that are different than you serve them? Those are perfect referral partners! If you don’t know people like that, it’s time to start building that network.

You can start by looking on LinkedIn for people who serve your ideal clients, and try connecting with the host of a Facebook group that does the same thing. You can also reach out to podcasters who have a show that serves your ideal client, and ask to be a guest. Most podcasters are looking for guests, and are happy to connect with you.

Networking isn’t dead, it’s just moved online. You can, too!

Wanna get started networking online? Comment on my Facebook post to start connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs!