3 Tips for New Year’s Resolutions to Attract More Clients!

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to get more clients and increase your business?

If it is, good for you!

But did you make a mistake in how you set those New Year’s Resolutions that may set you up for failure?

My 3 tips for HOW to set your New Year’s Resolutions in a way that will attract more clients will help.

1. Identify one small process to work with.

Most people focus on the outcome for New Year’s resolutions, rather than a process or habit.

If your New Year’s Resolution is “get more clients” or “get 3 new clients this month,” you’ve set a goal without the underlying support. Instead, why not focus on a process that you have control over?

Even if you set a process goal, such as “reach out to a hundred new people,” you’ll likely run into a blocker before you even begin.”

One process might be “reach out to 5 new people a day” either via email, calling, texting, or social media.

If that feels overwhelming, try “reach out to 1 new person” – a simplified version that’s still effective. 🙂

Now that you’ve identified a process, it’s time for Tip #2.

2. Create a ritual.

There’s a quote from Tony Schwartz in his book, ‘Maximize Your Potential,’ that I love:
“A ritual is a highly precise behavior you do at a specific time so that it becomes automatic over time and no longer requires much conscious intention or energy.”

‘Ritual’ also sounds more spiritual and enlivening than ‘new marketing habit,’ doesn’t it?

How could you create a powerful, uplifting ritual around your reach outs?

Here are some ideas:

  • Set an intention before doing the reach outs.
  • Play some uplifting music to set your mood before you reach out.
  • Visualize changing people’s lives with your work, then reach out.

When you take action as a ritual, not only does it not require much willpower to do it, you’ll get better results.

3. Support that ritual with your environment.

One of the powerful environmental changes that I’ve made is taking my to-do list and putting it on the calendar. One of the powerful environmental changes that

I’ve made is taking my to-do list and putting it on the calendar. 

It’s easy to scroll down a to-do list and ignore the challenging items like marketing.

When a particular activity is on your calendar, it creates an environment of support for you to do that. 

Other ways to create a supportive environment include putting up notes to encourage yourself and scheduling your reach outs at your most energized time of day.

Want more?

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