Thankfulness (a very personal blog)

Thankfulness (a very personal blog)

Since you’re reading this blog, you probably don’t need me to tell you that gratitude is one of the most effective ‘get happy’ techniques. 

But I’ve discovered something about gratitude lately that makes it far more powerful.

Like many people, I had some bumps in the road this year. And when I did, I’d pull out gratitude for all the things that were NOT bumpy… like good health, and a great relationship.

To my surprise, I realized that I was actually using gratitude as a scarcity practice!

The underlying message to myself was “Even though I don’t have X, I’m still grateful for Y.” 

This usually came in the form of ‘focus on what you’re grateful for’ but the scarcity was still there. Because there are things that I want, for myself and for the world.

So how do you reconcile what you want (aka don’t yet have) with being grateful for what’s there now?

Here’s my New Gratitude Practice:

I’m grateful for all the things in my life that exist now, and the beautiful visions of things that WILL exist as though they are already here

It’s like when you get an email “Your order has shipped!” – you don’t wonder about whether you’re gonna get that. It’s a done deal.

So I’m no longer limiting gratitude to the past and present. Gratitude is not limited by time. I’m grateful for the past, present, and future. I believe my “orders have already shipped.” 😊

This ‘timeless gratitude’ practice has resulted in outcomes this year that seems truly miraculous to me.

One of them is having created the team that I now have the honor to work with. In these blogs, I usually talk to and about my clients. However, taking care of my team is just as important to me as taking care of my clients.

Here are just some of the things my team said when I asked them what they were grateful for:

Great co-workers & a great boss (our 9-5 isn’t something we suffer through, but something we actually enjoy & wake up excited for. I don’t take that for granted).”

I’m grateful for a job that I not only enjoy, but has allowed me to grow over the past 2 years both personally and professionally. I feel very fortunate to have a job I love doing, working with people I care about and have fun with, as well as accomplish so much with.

“I’m grateful to be a part of such an awesome team that makes such an incredible impact all over the world. I really love the chemistry and efficiency our team has, with a comforting family-like dynamic.”

“I’m grateful for my job here at ACO. It’s truly amazing that in this time of crisis, due to the hard work of Pamela and our team, we were able to switch to working from home without losing our great communication, continued to make amazing marketing content, built a whole new program, and have continued to succeed as a business. I love my life, and feel so grateful that it’s the one I was given. ❤️

I’m privileged to work with people like this.

So whatever you want in your life, and in your business, try some ‘timeless gratitude’ this week. I know that there are incredible results in your future, too.