The 5 Critical Pieces Of Business Mindset

You’ve probably heard the quote that “the subconscious mind controls 90-95% of what we do on a daily basis.”

What does that mean for business?

You?ve probably heard the quote that “the subconscious mind controls 90-95% of what we do on a daily basis.”


What does that mean for business?

It means that, while your business strategies are important, your business mindset is controlling most of your results. I’ve seen missing mindset pieces cause struggles with owners of million-dollar and multi-million-dollar businesses. 

I’ve identified 5 critical pieces of business mindset that you need to succeed, in addition to having the right strategies for your business. 

Check this list to see where YOU stand on these 5:

Tip 1: Worthiness

Worthiness is the opposite energy of “fear of not being enough.” This often shows up as “I don’t know if my clients will get the results that they want.” Sometimes it shows up as “who am I to do this” or “there are so many people better than me at this work.”

Creating worthiness is complex, because there is a strategic part to worthiness.You need to get your offerings dialed in for your ideal client, for them to be ‘worth it’. However, your intrinsic worthiness is different. Getting clear on your worthiness at a core emotional level is critical to developing the business you want to build.

Tip 2: Resilience

Resilience is the opposite energy of “fear of failure.”

Business owners fail. Spectacularly successful business owners fail frequently in the course of running successful businesses. 

Being able to pick yourself up after a failure, and keep going, is a critical mindset skill. How fast you recover, what you learn from the failure, and how well you incorporate that learning as you move forward is part of your resilience.

Tip 3: Service

Service is the opposite energy of “fear of judgement.” During the course of running a business, people will make judgements about you. 

You may fear that people won’t like you when you market, or when you sell. You may fear that clients won’t accept your boundaries in how you work with them. You may even feel judged about how much money you make, when you’re successful.

When you can shift that mindset into the energy of service, you’re far more powerful.

Tip 4: Connection

Connection is the opposite energy of “fear of rejection.” As you reach out to potential clients, potential referral partners, and potential team members, you’ll experience some people saying “no.” This can be painful if you don’t have the right mindset.

Also, the energy of connection is important to results. Not only is it more painful to hear a “no” when you lack connection, it’s more likely to happen! Make sure that you’re finding new ways to connect with people.

Tip 5: Power/Confidence

Power, or confidence is the opposite energy of ?fear of things not working for you. Often we say. “well, that worked for someone else but it doesn’t work for me.” That feeling like we can’t control our outcomes, that we are powerless, can hold us back.

When you feel confident, your brain works differently. You see different possibilities, and opportunities show up to move you forward. Having a mindset of power is essential!

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