The 5 Keys to High-Ticket Sales

One of my new clients wrote me and told me that she’d created her first EVER $2,400 offer.

Then she went on to sell 12 of them. In only one week.

I just LOVE that!

Have you been wanting to be more successful with higher ticket sales (or get started selling something other than a single month or session)? 

There are 5 keys to high-ticket sales that you need to know, then master.

1. The Invitation

How you invite someone to have a high-ticket sales conversation sets the tone for the services you provide. If you want to offer high-ticket services, you need a high-ticket invitation.

When you make your invitation, is it clear the value that your prospect will receive? Not just the potential value from working with you, but value from the sales conversation itself.

What doesn’t work:

Offering a “Free Consultation” or “Discovery Session” just doesn’t cut it. “Free Coaching Session” sets you up to give away your work, and not have it appreciated.

To succeed:

You need an invitation with a juicy name and a value-based description.

(I’ll show you exactly how to create these on my new LIVE training!)

2. The Conversation

Creating a value-based sales conversation, without giving away the farm and 2 hours of free coaching, is something you’ll want to learn in order to have high-paying clients be part of your revenue stream.

What doesn’t work:

Winging it without a structure for your conversation.

To succeed:

You need a conversational structure that allows your prospect to a) experience the challenges he or she has now, b) see what’s possible, c) become inspired, and d) overcome resistance.

This doesn’t happen by accident! I’ll be covering the 5 mistakes that can kill high-ticket sales on my new LIVE training – catch that here!

3. The Offer

Constructing your offer, and pricing it appropriately for the transformation that you can provide, is trickier than it sounds. It’s one of the biggest questions I receive: how should I price my Signature System? 

What doesn’t work:

Most people choose a price that feels comfortable. The first time you price your high-ticket offer, if you do it right it probably won’t feel comfortable. 🙂 Some people choose a crazy-high price because they think they ‘should’ and they’re not congruent enough with it to sell it.

To succeed:

You need to raise your own money thermostat, and get comfortable with the idea of pricing for transformation. What happens in the life of your ideal client when he or she experiences the transformation that you provide? What’s THAT worth? Usually, it’s priceless.

4. The Energy

If you’re not used to high-ticket sales, you’ll need know-how, practice and support to have the energy you want to have.

What doesn’t work:

It’s great if you’re confident about the work that you provide. But if you’re not comfortable about the sales process, or the fees that you’re going to ask for, your energy will feel “unconfident” or “amateurish.” Exactly the opposite of the way that you want to appear to your ideal client!

To succeed:

You’ll need to work for confidence in these areas: sales, money mindset, worthiness, acceptance, and improvisation (more about that in #5)! While having a sales process or script will help, people read energy far more easily than we like to think. You’ll want your energy to be completely aligned with your offer, and your fees.

5. The Coaching

I was always taught ‘don’t coach in a sales conversation’, and it’s true, EXCEPT?

When you’re helping someone overcome an objection. 

Objections are almost never about you. They’re most likely one of the following:

I don’t believe that I’m worth spending that much on.

I don’t know that it will work for me.

I don’t know if I can trust you to take care of me (this is about their trust issues.)

There are others, but the biggest objections that you need to overcome fall in the category of hidden, inner conflicts. Of course, they won’t say most of this, but they’ll say “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have time.”

What doesn’t work:

Trying to overcome the objection that isn’t the REAL one.

To succeed:

You need to be willing to coach them on overcoming their objections. I consider this helping them to EMPOWER themselves, rather than accepting their own limitations.

One of my favorite questions during the sales process is, “If you can’t do this WITH my help, what makes you think you can do it without my help?”

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