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The easiest and fastest high-ticket offer (ep. 40)

The easiest and fastest high-ticket offer (ep. 40)

One of the best ways to serve your ideal clients is through high-ticket, high-value transformation. While this often means that you create a ‘Signature System’, there are two much faster ways to create offer transformation that can serve your client well. In today’s episode, you’ll get those two ways, and how you can offer them successfully.

In this episode, you will:

  • Discover the two ‘Fast Delivery’ methods of high-ticket transformation
  • Learn how to wow your client in just a few hours
  • Identify the best way to get a client to come back for more

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Timecode Guide:

  • (01:46) Two ‘Fast Delivery’ Methods Of High-ticket Transformation
  • (03:44) Wow Your Client In Just A Few Hours
  • (11:20) Get A Client To Come Back For More

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Podcast Transcription

Episode 40: The easiest and fastest high-ticket offer


Intro: (00:00)
You’re listening to A Profitable Impact.

Pamela Bruner: (00:02)
One of the best ways to serve your ideal clients is through high ticket, high value transformation. And there are two particularly fast ways to deliver that.

Gene Monterastelli: (00:11)
Welcome to A Profitable Impact, where every single week, we help experts like coaches and healers to expand their reach, to increase their impact in the world, and be well-paid for their extraordinary skills and talents. My name is Gene Monterastelli, and I’m the lead coach in Pamela Bruner’s Impact Accelerator coaching program. And so please, welcome now, my friend, my colleague and the CEO of Attract Clients Online, Pamela Bruner. How are you doing today, Pamela?

Pamela Bruner: (00:35)
Awesome. And we are talking about one of my favorite subjects, which is high ticket offers. So, in this episode, we’re going to talk about two fast delivery methods of high ticket transformation. I often teach about signature systems and creating this Magnum Opus of your work. But, this is a fast delivery discussion today, which is great, in terms of both selling and serving your client. We’ll also talk about how to wow your client in just a few hours. And, you’ll identify the best way to get a client to come back for more work with you.

Gene Monterastelli: (01:07)
So, as we are engaging in our conversation today, if you’re recognizing that you need to be adding high ticket offers, or you’re not exactly how to sure to do it, in a way that is much more efficient, we’d love for you to have a conversation with one of our coaches, absolutely free. All you need to do is go to BookMyBreakthroughCall.com. That’s BookMyBreakthroughCall.com. Get on the calendar, and one of our coaches will help you to figure out how to integrate this into your business right away.

Gene Monterastelli: (01:32)
So, you and I, Pamela, just absolutely love talking about high ticket offers and easy ways that we can integrate that into our lives and into our client’s lives. What are those two fast delivery methods for bringing high ticket transformation into the work that we’re doing?

Two ‘Fast Delivery’ Methods Of High-ticket Transformation

Pamela Bruner: (01:46)
Great. The two methods involve giving a very concentrated and high value use of time that we usually designate as VIP days or VIP sessions. So, when you are talking to somebody about the work you do, often people will be resistant to, “Oh, I don’t know if I want to work with you for three months or six months. I’m not sure I’m ready to make that commitment yet.” Or conversely, they’ll say, “I’m concerned that I don’t want it to take three months or six months to get the transformation.” And while we know that often transformation occurs over time and repetition and continued support, there are certainly transformations that can occur faster. So, when we look at what can we deliver in a single day, or what can we deliver in a single session, that completely changes the equation.

Gene Monterastelli: (02:38)
And so, it’s really important, as we step into this and recognize this, that when we’re talking about a session, we’re not talking about, we’re just giving someone an hourly session. When we’re talking about a VIP session, oftentimes, what we’re talking about is a very comprehensive afternoon, that goes over the course of a number of hours, that oftentimes has a break inside of it. And so, as you hear this, know that what we’re talking about is something that is comprehensive, and is significantly more comprehensive than just a one-off session that would be sold in an hourly model.

Pamela Bruner: (03:04)
And that’s really the difference between calling it a VIP session, or creating a name for it that indicates that it has this unique and specific value and outcome, and saying, “Do you want to just do a session with me?” The VIP session usually is bracketed by “here is the result you’re going to get” and “when you do a session with me, it is just a time-based offer”. And time-based offers are never perceived as valuable, or as valuable as a signature system. They are not perceived as valuable as you can position a VIP session to be.

Gene Monterastelli: (03:39)
Okay. So then, Pamela, let’s talk about how we do that. How do we wow someone in just a few hours?

Wow Your Client In Just A Few Hours

Pamela Bruner: (03:44)
I want to talk separately about the structure of a VIP day and the structure of a VIP session. Usually, when we talk about a VIP session, just to set a normal guideline for it, it’s a 90-minute to maybe two-hour session. It’s very seldom a 60-minute session. But, a 90-minute to two-hour session will sometimes have the price tag of somewhere between $397 and $797, depending on the transformation that you provide. A VIP day can be anywhere from three or four hours to, of course, an entire day, a six or eight hour day or something like that. And usually, for a VIP day, we’re talking about something that’s a thousand dollars or more. And, I have both offered and received, as a client, VIP days in the $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 range. So, the reason that I talk about pricing first, is because ordinarily we don’t talk about pricing until we talk about what is the transformation that you provide.

Pamela Bruner: (04:41)
I do that to preface how you’re going to think about the transformation that is in this session. Because if you just think of it in terms of time, you will be stopped in charging for it appropriately. But, if you think about it, what is the overall transformation that I can provide in this amount of time? Now, let me give a few examples about structure here. So, often when we structure something like this, it is a single transformation or a single outcome. Perhaps your signature system or your lengthy high ticket offer has multiple transformations or multiple levels of transformation over time. If you’re going to work with somebody for 3, 4, or 6 months, they’re probably going to go through several levels of transformation. If you’re talking about, what can I deliver in just a couple of hours, it might be the removal of one persistent or difficult problem.

Pamela Bruner: (05:36)
It might be the beginning of a transformation, but one that has a very specific outcome. Something that I think lends itself very well to VIP sessions and VIP days, is a make-over or a redo. And whether that is a physical or whether that is an intellectual or a digital redo, a website makeover might be delivered in a session or a day, or a style makeover if you are a stylist or consultant on style, might be delivered in a session or a day. If you are a health coach, a menu makeover or a kitchen makeover might be delivered in a session or a day. If you’re a relationship coach, you might talk about how you can restructure conversations and do some role-playing to make someone more effective in relationships, whether those are personal or professional.

Pamela Bruner: (06:27)
So, when you think about this, it’s sometimes tricky, as transformational entrepreneurs, to say, “Oh my goodness. What could I possibly deliver in two hours that’s that valuable? Or what can I possibly deliver in four hours that’s that valuable?” But, the truth is, you know your transformation so well, and your client doesn’t. What is fairly easy for you to do and master and understand and implement, is life-changing or mind-changing for your ideal client. So, when we think of a VIP session or a VIP day, we really want to focus on, what is the one overall transformation that I’m providing, or what are several small transformations that all add up by the end of the day.

Gene Monterastelli: (07:11)
And as we think about this, it’s important to recognize that when people are buying from us, they are not buying our time. They are not buying our program. They’re buying an outcome. And, when we are able to frame a VIP session or a VIP day, in terms of that particular outcome, it becomes super valuable to them. And they’re able to see, “Yes, I am willing to spend a thousand dollars today, if on the other side of it, I know this, I feel this, or I have this.” And that’s why it’s so important that we’re thinking about the transformation is what they get, not just what we’re doing in the structure of that particular day.

Pamela Bruner: (07:44)
So, let’s talk a little bit more about the structure. I mean, a VIP session is usually a session. It has a beginning and an end. Like I said, it’s 90 minutes to two hours. And so, there isn’t a lot of pre and post necessarily, especially for a price point that’s maybe $397 or $497. A VIP day, I find that one of the things you need to build into your VIP day is structure and timing. So, often, for me, when I do a VIP day, it’s actually only four hours. And that is because of the intensity of the work. After four hours, usually, the client is toast, and I’m a little tired myself. But, we’ll work for about two hours, take a 10 or 15-minute break, and work for another two hours. Sometimes, depending on what we’re doing, we’ll work for an hour and a half, take a 10-minute break another hour and a half and finish up that way with the last hour.

Pamela Bruner: (08:35)
So, as you start thinking about, what is the transformation, do recognize that you’re going to put it somewhere in time with breaks, and that will give you places to logically break the content or the experience that they’re having. If you want to do a complete VIP day, often, it is two sessions in the morning, a lunch break, and then two sessions in the afternoon. Something like that works really, really well.

Pamela Bruner: (08:59)
The other thing I want to talk about with structure is doing pre-work and a post-session call. So, as you set somebody up for the VIP day, if it is just, “Hey, show up on zoom or show up in my office, and we’re going to work together for this time,” the client will come in a little unsure about what’s going on. If you can set the client up for success with some pre-work, something to think about, some information to submit so that you know the challenges that they’re coming in with very, very well, in a sense, you’ve done your homework, that really sets the client up to expect the outcome. And when they expect the outcome, and they’re on the same page, you’re going to get better results for your client.

Gene Monterastelli: (09:41)
The other thing that I really love about pre-work is, pre-work also gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise, by asking thoughtful questions. A number of years ago, I was doing a VIP day with a client around her content marketing strategy. And one of the questions I asked, which was this really simple, innocuous, “I need to get some information” question was, “Think about the content that you’ve created that you are least satisfied with. What was the circumstance that created that?” And she goes, “Oh, it’s oftentimes when I am writing an article on the subway, because I have to get it in today, and I’m doing it at the last minute.”

Gene Monterastelli: (10:17)
And so, by simply asking a good, thoughtful question, she learned something about her process, even before we stepped into the VIP day. So then, as we started talking about the strategy and the implementation of that particular thing, she was already trusting me, because I helped her to learn something about herself and her process. By the way, I did that particular pre-work. So, it was valuable for me, because it saved time, and it was valuable for her, because she recognized, “Oh, I really need to be prepared for this day, because I’m going to get some awesome transformation out of the conversation.”

Pamela Bruner: (10:47)
Yeah. I love that. That’s a great example. The other thing I find that pre-work does, besides giving your clients aha’s and positioning you as the expert so they listen to you, is, I find that anytime you ask a client to focus their ideas before they work with you, focus their ideas before they get on the call with you. I mean, that’s something we do for our clients right now. We have prep forms for our clients. They always have to fill something out, before they get on a call with us. And that helps them focus their thoughts, and really think about what the challenge is, rather than casting around and being unsure.

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Get A Client To Come Back For More

Gene Monterastelli: (11:20)
And, as you talked about that, and you’re talking about the structure, I think one of the things that’s really important for us to investigate is how we can serve a client really well in the moment. And then, use this as a jumping off point to work with the client in a more comprehensive way. What for you, Pamela, is the best strategy for us, as you were talking about that post-call upsell call? What does that look like? And how do we actualize that?

Pamela Bruner: (11:42)
Yeah, I love that question. So, one of the best ways to get the client to come back for more is, number one, have the client acknowledge the transformation, frequently, during the session or the day, at the very least, at the end of it. Because often, transformation is a messy process, and people get a little uncomfortable, and it may be challenging. And, I know, even when I’m working on strategy, sometimes there’s tears or there’s emotion or something like that. But then, when the client acknowledges the transformation, underline that, record it, make sure that you’ve got it. Because one of the easiest things to forget is the transformation that you’ve gone through, because then you pretty quickly adjust to the new normal. It’s like, “Wow, I’ve always thought that way.” I think, Gene, you’ve told a story about that before. The clients adjust to their new reality very quickly.

Pamela Bruner: (12:32)
And so, having them acknowledge the transformation, so that you can repeat it back, and you can underline it for them, that gives them a different perspective. And then, when you do the post-session call, and you can do this with a VIP session even, you can do a 30-minute post-session call. You can certainly do a 30-minute post-session call for a VIP day. You want to think of it in terms of the way that you would usually do a strategy session or discovery session, that it is, what still needs to happen. It is celebrating where you are, celebrating the transformation that you’ve had, and what are the challenges that still exist. And in some cases, new challenges have arisen, specifically because of the transformation, not “Well, I got 30% of the way there with the transformation, and 70% is left,” but “I got a hundred percent of the way there with what you helped me with. And now I have a completely new problem, but it is one that you can also help me with.”

Pamela Bruner: (13:29)
So, that is a sales conversation. That is a strategy session. And, I’m not going into that in this episode, because we’ve covered that in other episodes. And I’m sure we will continue to do so again, because it’s a very important thing. But, you do want to think of that post-session follow-up as, what’s next, what needs to happen. Because whether or not the client wants to continue with you, or is capable of continuing with you, you do want to serve them in teeing them up for the next level of transformation, whatever that is.

Pamela Bruner: (14:00)
And then, another good way to get a client to come back for more, is to offer the credit part of the VIP price into your longer offer. So, if you have a $4,500 signature system, and that’s working with you for four months or six months, or something like that, and somebody came in and did a VIP session for $495, you might say, “If you would like to now step into the longer-term transformation, I’d be happy to credit you this VIP session.” And so, you’ll deduct $495 from the cost of their full signature system. You can also credit part of it. If you’re charging $5,000 for a VIP day, probably, and then your full-term, lengthy six-month coaching program is $12,000, or something like that, you may not want to credit them all $5,000 of it. But you might credit them $3,000 towards it, as long as they continue with you right now. That’s a very strong incentive to move forward with you in the moment. And, they’ve just experienced your transformation in a powerful way.

Gene Monterastelli: (15:05)
And, as you go through all of this, Pamela, I think back to the very first VIP day I purchased as a client. It was 13 years ago. I was trying to become better with marketing my business. I had not studied as much as I have in the last decade and a half. And, the promise of the VIP session was, at the end of our time together, you will have enough marketing to-dos, to fill your marketing to-do list for the next six months. So, I finished having the conversation, and the person I’m working with, Craig, goes, “So, did I meet the promise of giving you enough stuff to do in the next six months?” And I said, “No. If this takes me a year, I wouldn’t be shocked, because we’ve gotten so much value out of this.” And then he did exactly what you’re saying.

Gene Monterastelli: (15:47)
He’s like, “Isn’t it awesome to have this really amazing plan? And, I know how hard it is when you’re doing something new, to be implementing this sort of stuff, to do it on your own. As you implement this over the next six months, I would love to work alongside you to help you do that, because I have such an understanding of your business, and I really love that you’re going with all of this stuff. How would you like to work with me?” And then made an offer, that was the upsell, into a six-month offer and did exactly what you said. He credited me for the price of what I was doing. And so in that moment, I was feeling so super served, because I was over-served beyond the promise that was made. It was the easiest thing in the world to say yes, and to continue to work with him in that particular way. And he followed, beat by beat, the process that you are sharing right now. So, as a consumer, I know it works, not only as a coach who is offering.


Pamela Bruner: (16:33)
Hmm. That’s such a great example. Yeah. And thank you for actually role-playing every step of the way. Because I know that with coaches and healers and other transformational entrepreneurs, often, there is a feeling like, “Ooh, I’ve already gotten this person to spend some money with me. So, how can I ask them to spend more, especially right on the heels of something they just did that’s got a relatively high price tag?” But, the way that you expressed it, Gene, that I love is, it’s so much of service. It’s so much of a service that this person, 11 years ago, did not leave you to implement that entire list on your own for six months or a year. But instead said, “Let me help you.”

Gene Monterastelli: (17:12)
And so, if you are in a situation where, conceptually, you understand what we’re talking about today, but you’re struggling to figure out how do you put that offer together? How do you create a compelling process for a VIP session or a VIP day? We would love for you to have a conversation with one of our coaches, absolutely free, so they can help you to craft that day, so you could execute it in a way, as you’re providing that sort of service, and you’re able to serve people in a way that is also helping you to grow your business and your authority inside of that. If you’d like to have one of those conversations, all you need to do is go to BookMyBreakthroughCall.com. That’s BookMyBreakthroughCall.com, and you can get in the calendar of one of our coaches, absolutely free.

Gene Monterastelli: (17:53)
If you enjoyed the conversation that Pamela and I had today, and you know someone else in your life who could benefit from this in their business as they’re trying to move forward and to serve people in a more comprehensive way, please be our ambassador, pass it along. Don’t spam your inbox, but you might know one or two people in your life who would really appreciate this today. And reaching out to them is going to make them feel like they have support in the world, which is a good thing for all of us to know.

Gene Monterastelli: (18:16)
If you have a question, a comment, or a topic that you’d like Pamela and I to cover in a future, we would love to hear from you. All you need to do is go to AttractClientsOnline.com, click on the contact link. In the email that you send, put a note that you’d like this to be a question for the podcast. We love hearing from you. If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to the podcast. In podcasting, subscribing is always free. You can find the show on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Audible, basically everywhere you find audio. All you need to do is search for A Profitable Impact. Click subscribe. Turn on those notifications, so that when a new episode comes out, you know right away.

Gene Monterastelli: (18:57)
For A Profitable Impact, I am Gene Monterastelli. Until next time, I hope you have an impactful week.


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